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The LG Washing Machine Does Not Centrifuge

When your LG washing machine stops spinning, it often feels like it’s the end of the world, especially when you have a pile of clothes waiting. Common causes for this issue include an overload of clothes, which can make the drum unstable and prevent it from spinning. Sometimes, stuck tabs from a washing machine door key can also cause it not to work. Drive belts may loosen with frequent use. It’s essential to organize and check these aspects before calling for help.

Washing Machine Stops Working

There’s nothing more frustrating than a washing machine that stops in the middle of a cycle. It’s important not just for washing clothes properly but for ensuring they come out clean and ready to wear. When your washing machine does not work at all, the first step is to investigate the problem carefully. Often, a simple repair can get your LG washing machine back up and running.

What to do when your washing machine breaks down

Do Not Rinse Soap

Sometimes, a washing machine might leave your clothes soapy after a cycle, which is a sign that it may need a second cleaning. This could be due to an overload of detergent or a problem with the drain pump. Consulting with a service provider about this issue can help ensure that your laundry isn’t left useless after a wash.

Repair of Broken or Damaged Parts

If you suspect that a part of your washing machine is broken or damaged, it’s crucial to contact a technician in the UAE who can replace these pieces. It’s often recommended to use original parts and reliable electronic components for the repair to avoid a revisit for parts replacement.

Annoying Noises From the Washing Machine

Noises from your machine can mean many things. They can signal coins or other objects stuck in the drum. Or, they can signal a serious internal problem. You must check and remove any trapped dirt. Also, ensure that you replace worn drum bearings. To prevent damage, keep wires out of the drum. Also, keep the main body dispenser clean.

No Water Enters the Tub

When no water enters the tub, or it enters very slowly, it could be due to issues with the water level switch or inlet valves. Sometimes, air trapped in the washing machine can also hinder water flow. Identifying these issues can help in resolving them efficiently.

The Agitator Does Not Work

If the agitator in your washing machine does not work, it may be time to replace steering gears, plastic bearings, or even look at the timer and drive motor. The water level and selector switch might also be damaged, causing the agitator to malfunction.

Clothes Remain Wet

If your clothes remain wet after a cycle, it could indicate that the tub is not working properly. Specialists can check components like the engine belt, clutch, and hood bearing to solve this problem effectively.

Affected Clothing

Clothing getting damaged or cleaned can be frustrating. Sometimes, a broken agitator or partly closed water valves can cause this. Ensure that the water supply hose is not bent to avoid such issues.

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